Venue Finding

Venue finding

We have hundreds of UK and international venues on our directory – from Dorset to Dubai; Surrey to Skegness. We’re always being introduced to exciting new places and only work with ‘green certified’ companies who share our eco-friendly ethos.

A few key values we look for when choosing a venue:


Do they reduce their consumption by turning off lights/heating in areas not in use? Lots of venues now also make use of the natural resources available to them with solar or wind converters powering LED lighting.

Dairy Cows


Is their food locally or ethically sourced? Using local produce reduces food transportation emissions and supports local farmers as a bonus.



Do they recycle their waste? How about their food? New schemes have been rolled out by many venues donating their unused food items to homeless charities.



Do they reuse crockery and cutlery? Are glass jugs used for refreshment breaks? Whilst plastic straws are now thankfully a thing of the past, we still have work to do to encourage venues to ditch the disposable coffee cups and plastic cutlery..



Is the venue near public transport? Travel is typically responsible for around 80% of an events’ Carbon emissions; by choosing a venue that is easily accessible by public transport this has a huge impact on the overall footprint. If an event is being held abroad or is tricky to get to, we do our best to organize low-emission group travel and offset that which we cannot avoid.

Green Policy

What is included in their Green Policy? How are they monitoring it? We love some of the creative ways venues are coming up with to tackle the climate crisis, from offering guests leftover coffee beans as plant compost, to growing their own produce. It is these kinds of forward-thinking venues that we strive to partner with on our events, and are always on the lookout to add to our list.